Two young Bernie Sanders supporters Aleeza Ahmed and Shabnam Ahmed took over this domain to help level the playing field between Senator Sanders & Secretary Clinton. They strongly feel that Super Delegates do not proportionately support Senator Sanders and they are not reflecting the opinion of their states and voters. Both young Bernie supporters have been working since the middle of May to track and continually update the contact list and super delegates count. On June 20th, they added Uncommitted and Senator Sanders supported super delegates to engage more members of the Democratic party.

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Super Delegates

Super Delegates are unpledged delegates who decide which presidential candidate to support. There are 713 Democratic Super Delegates and their support is as follows:

Hillary Clinton : 587 (92%)
Bernie Sanders : 48 (8%)
Martin O'Malley : 1
Uncommitted : 83

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Pledged Delegates

In order to win the nomination of the Democratic Party, a candidate will need 2383 delegates. There are 4051 Pledged delegates and 713 super delegates. As of June 10, the breakdown of pledged delegate is as follows:

Clinton : 2219 (54.75%)
Sanders : 1832 (45.25%)

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